Timebanking is a way to share your skills, knowledge and interests.  One hour spent helping someone earns one time credit, which can then be used to buy an hour of someone else’s time.

Oxford Road Timebank is a community project being run by a group of local residents and parents from Wilson and Oxford Road Primary Schools in the Oxford Road area of Reading.

A timebank is a way that helps local people get to know each other, make friends and help each other out.  When you help someone you earn a ‘time credit’.  You can then spend your ‘time credit’ on help from someone else in the timebank when you need it.

Local community organisations are also encouraged to join, so that their skills, resources and knowledge can be shared with other organisations to benefit everyone.

Oxford Road Timebank has a committee of elected officers and founding members who take decisions about the timebank.  The committee employs a part-time Timebroker who takes care of the day-to-day running of the timebank.  Committee members earn time credits for helping to run the timebank.