• Our fourth lunch club!

    We hold our LUNCH CLUB on the 1ST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, every month, except public holidays.

    Today we had a delicious meal at ANATOLIA RESTAURANT on the Oxford Road.

    Coming through the door there is a very large restaurant behind the frontage grill area, this is very much like the restaurants common in Turkey, with the kitchen area open to view and the first thing you see when you enter ā€“ the food is what is important.

    This restaurant is exceptional in that the food, although immediately visible as kebab-type food, is very different to your usual kebab grill. If you look closely, the food looks quite different. All the meats are displayed behind a glass counter ā€“ mainly chicken shish or lamb shish, kofte and chop. All comes with mezze starters then rice and salad. It is all beautifully fresh and very tasty.

    The room is quite spare in decoration, but it is very clean and welcoming (the toilets are immaculate, too!)

    As a group we felt very comfortable and chatted away for a good hour and a half, mainly about how nice it is to have a meal with others, so much nicer than eating alone. We talked about current affairs (not politics!) and our experiences of travel. The low-level Turkish music in the background was very pleasant and the whole experience was very relaxed and enjoyable.

    These lunch clubs are a very valuable part of what the Oxford Road Timebank does. We help to bring the community together and give residents the opportunity to get out, see a new side of their home environment and appreciate what there is on offer. I hope more of you will join us next time on 7th. November (details to follow).

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